FoolProof Yourself!

How hard do you work to take home three thousand dollars?

Get this: without even knowing it you can throw away three thousand dollars in a car transaction in one minute or less!

That's the bad news...

Now here's the good news:
With a little bit of knowledge and patience, you can save thousands, buy a vehicle that is dependable, and build your credit. Good credit will make everything else you finance cost less, too.

This page is the key to doing it right! All you have to do is work through a few (first-time) car buying articles and videos.

Every article and video was developed by The FoolProof Foundation and its auto experts, not by people trying to sell you anything.

1) Change Your Financial Life

Your first car-buying experience can change your financial life, if you do it right. Dig in, right now!

Start by watching this video:

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Well, that was easy... I am sure you will agree that knowing some tips about the car buying process will help you make a better buying decision.

2) Tips About Credit

On to some tips about credit and things you should know before you shop for a vehicle. These tips can really help you.

3) Alright, Credit Huh?!

Here are some additional tips to help you understand how credit works, and how to build or maintain it.

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4) Everything Is Online These Days — Even Car-Buying

Watch this video to learn some quick ins and outs about the online car-buying process.

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5) Wrap Up...

Next, let's quickly wrap up the safe care buying process by reading (or listening to) our "Buying a Car? Five Traps to Avoid" article.

That's It! You're Done with the Theoretical Part! Phew...

FoolProof does recommend taking some of your own time to work through our car buying guide and gain knowledge on yoyo-selling, why you shouldn't shop on rainy days, loan values, available cash calculations and the like—but it is not needed to pass this test. Oh, did we say test?

It's Test Time!

FoolProof is committed to helping you understand the best way to buy a vehicle and build your credit. That is why we developed this "First Time Buyer" program together with WEOKIE.

Let's test your knowledge before you go into the car dealership and/or get your loan at the credit union. In order to meet the requirements of this program and qualify for your special rate and terms, you are required to take the test and pass with a score of 80% or more. We will take care of the rest.


Take the test

After You Drive Off in Your New Set of Wheels:

The most important thing: Make sure you're never even a day late on a single payment. If you're even ten days late on a payment, that could have a negative impact on your credit.

So, follow these tips:

  1. Since your payment is set up on auto-pay, make sure each month you have money in your account to make the payment. Check on your balance carefully right before the payment is due.

  2. If something goes wrong, and you feel like you don't have the money to make your payment, call WEOKIE ASAP and ask them what to do. Call the minute you realize you're going to have a problem. They're here to help.

Good luck! And please contact WEOKIE if you have any questions.

WEOKIE Has Resources That May Help You in the Car-Buying Process

Please note that these services are an offer from WEOKIE and may come with a fee. You may not need these services in your car buying process, but that is up to you. As always, do your research before you shop.

Loan Calculator:
WEOKIE has a handy calculator to figure out how much you can afford.

Loan Options:
Finished and passed your test? You can go to a WEOKIE location to get your car loan, or apply online.

Credit Help:
WEOKIE's Credit Sense is a paid service that provides ongoing credit score access, monitors your credit report for key changes, and finds savings opportunities on existing and new loans, all for $0.99 per month.

Car-Buying Help:
Ask your WEOKIE loan counselor how to maximize your experience by using their car buying service, powered by TRUECar.

WEOKIE's Preferred Dealers:
You can also find a great deal at one of WEOKIE's preferred dealerships like Enterprise Auto Sales or 1st Rate Auto.