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Money Horror Stories

Have you ever been ripped off or scammed...? Fell for a sales pitch that hurt you? Racked up enormous debt (without knowing it)?

Your experience can help others (and help yourself too)!

In this section, we feature real life stories from people who've been hurt financially, in any consumer transaction, and that have been willing to share their stories, so others (you, perhaps!) won't step in the same trap.

Help others, and send your personal financial horror story, too! If your submission is featured, you will receive a $50 gift card to either Google Play or the Apple Store. Share now.

Howard's In-Game Currency Scam

JoDee's Food Truck Ripoff

Kayla's eBay/PayPal Ripoff

Lynn's Robbery-Followed-by-Identity-Theft Scam

Michael's Nephews' Car-Selling Ripoff

Milton's Puppy Scam

Tika's Lottery Scam

Tracy's Facebook Marketplace Scam