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Cyber Fun for the Active Mind

Cyber_FunUse it or lose it applies to the mind as well as the body. These sites provide stimulating entertainment that will help you use it.

If you like crossword puzzles, then checkout Crosswords by Ray Hamel. In addition to links to puzzles composed by Ray there are several hundred links to daily puzzles, weekly puzzles, monthly puzzles, other puzzle sites, foreign language puzzles, and more.

For another type of word puzzle, try Crickler. The creators call it a crossword puzzle for the computer age. The site also has a puzzle called Enigma – try to unscramble a quote by swapping 2 letters at a time. It requires the Macromedia Flash player.

Jigzone provides free online jigsaw puzzles. You can choose the level of difficulty from 6 to 247 pieces—the bigger the number the smaller the pieces. Choose the puzzle of the day or from the gallery with over 800 pictures and 32 puzzle cuts. We have hooked many friends on this one. You do not need to register or sign in to work the puzzles. It requires Java (not JavaScript) to run. A heads up—if your pop-up blocker isn't on (or you don't have one), this site will annoy you with pop-ups particularly those that look like an error message. Close these ads using the x in the upper right—clicking on the close button will take you to the advertiser's site.

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