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Beyond the Money: Planning Other Aspects of Retirement

iStock_000002722809XSmallPlanning for retirement shouldn't focus only on the financial aspects. You also have to plan what you are going to do during your retirement. Research has shown that those persons who keep busy tend to have a happier and more fulfilling retirement.

It's important to plan ahead instead of putting it off. Those who don't have or don't develop interests and community involvements prior to retirement usually don't development them after retirement.

That said, here are just a few articles that discuss broader aspects of planning for enjoyable retirement years.

The Retirement of the Future, from U.S. News discusses how boomers are redefining retirement.

Top 10 Ways to Retire Retirement is just one article on the website developed and hosted by Howard and Marika Stone. News, ideas and personal experiences of others "too young to retire" are featured in online newsletters and other articles.

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