pricacycomputerWhat is phishing (pronounced fishing)? These are scams that are trying to steal your personal and financial information. Phishing has primarily been online in the form of email or pop-messages but can also occur over the phone or through the mail.

Phishers impersonate legitimate financial institutions—banks, credit unions—and businesses. The phishers cast a wide net that's bound to find persons that do business with the impersonated financial institution or company.

Email and pop-up messages may have a link to click or a phone number to call. In the case of the link, it usually goes to a fake website that mimics a legitimate site.

Want to see how savvy you are about these scams? Take the SonicWALL Phishing and Spam IQ Quiz. How well did you do? It's not easy to distinguish between a real and a fake message, is it?

Here are several Money Matters resources to help you learn more about protecting yourself and your personal financial information.

From the FTC:

OnGuard Online — Phishing provides some quick facts and links to other resources.

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