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Evaluating Options for Assisted Living

Assisted_livingWhat is assisted living? The term describes options to foster independent living for persons who need help with some facet of daily living—such as bathing, medication, or cooking—yet do not need 24 hour nursing care.

Evaluating options for assisted living starts with determining what kind of help is needed. The following resources provide several checklists to use for the decision making process including deciding on a facility.

The Oklahoma Department of Health Continuum of Care Facility and Assisted Living Center provides resources for you to make the best choice in your care center.

Assisted Living Checklist from Aging Parents and Elder Care includes a worksheet for Finding the Funds for Assisted Living and Choosing a Facility.

Choosing An Assisted Living Residence: A Consumer's Guide from the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living discusses the various facets of assisted living. It includes a cost calculator and several checklists.

Assisted Living from MedlinePlus has articles that provides information about assisted living, paying for assisted living, related issues, directories to help you find services, and more.

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