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Making Copies of Important Data (Backups)

filed_papersHow much information do you keep on your computer that you would find it hard to replace if it was lost? Do you have a copy of it stored away from your computer? If you answered yes to the last question, then congratulate yourself. You're one the few who actually make backups.

With computers, it isn't a case of if something goes wrong, but when, especially if you travel with a computer. Backups are a necessity; just ask anyone who has had a hard drive die without being able to get their data off of it.

There are numerous ways to make copies of your important data—burn a CD/DVD, copyfiles to a USB (thumb) drive or external hard drive, backup program, online backup service—to name a few. The best method is the one that you use will regularly.

These articles from PC World provide a variety of options for backing up your data.

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