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2. Shopping for a Home

Home_PlanningWhen you've completed your planning, you're ready to shop for a home that's right for you and your family. The first step is to make sure that you have your financing in hand. In today's market, many sellers want to be sure that prospective buyers can qualify for a mortgage. We show you how to get that in place. Then this section explores the many aspects of shopping for a home, including whether or not you wish to work with a real estate agent. This section closes with showing you what to look for when you tour a prospective home and how to have it professionally evaluated.


  • Understand and Have Your Financing in Place First
  • Shopping on Your Own
  • Working with an Agent or Real Estate Broker
  • Types of Agents
  • Finding & Evaluating an Agent
  • What about FSBO Homes (For Sale by Owner)?
  • What about Shopping for Homes on the Internet?
  • Touring & Evaluating Homes for Sale

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